Shree Ram Bhojan Bachao

It is also the 3rd wing of Shree Ram Charitable Trust. It is working since last 8 years and its members are same as of Shree Ram Sankirtan Mandal. About this we can say in short “A Unique way of saving food”. This sanstha works on the remaining food remains in the marriages, parties, functions, celebrations etc. This sanstha pick up the remaining food & distribute among different kind of peoples lives in city. Our food picking team is different team called as SAVE-FOOD team. Our service is 24*7. Sometimes  sanstha also distribute bread with the remaining food to complete the food.Moreover our aim is to send the message among the peoples that “इतना ही लो थाली मे व्यर्थ ना जाए नाली मे” means put the food in plate as you can eat. Why waste.? because wasting of food can be feed a poor peoples who have no money to purchase the food.

Its works is appreciable and everyone think about this, that why we remain the food in our plate. Our thinking should be such that take as you can eat.