Advisory Committee


In the constitution of Shree Ram Charitable Trust (Regd.). It is declared that a “ADVISORY COMMITTEE” can be formed by the concent of all the trustees to enlarge the trust. So it is declared that a advisory committee formed and it is done.

Advisory Committee firstly have 101 members in total and they can be increase if necessary. Advisory Committee have its own wing and they can do meetings for the wellness of trust and can appoint President.Advisory Committee have so many works & they can participate in trust activities and send their advise to the president of  Shree Ram Charitable Trust time to time. A certificate will be issued to every member who so ever fulfill the conditions of advisory committee. Anybody can be the member of advisory committee. Specimen copy of certificate of Advisory Committee is on the head of this page.The list of members are as Below:-

  1. Savita Agarwal (Jaipur)
  2. Vivek Singla (Delhi)
  3. Arvind Kumar (Sirsa)
  4. Suresh Kumar (Bakrianwali Sirsa)
  5. Manak Chand Jain (Sirsa)
  6. Raj Kumar Garg (Sirsa)
  7. Shiv Narayan Sahu (Jamal Sirsa)
  8. Sita Ram Jamaliya (Sirsa)
  9. Suresh Kumar Satnaliwala (Sirsa)
  10. Pt. Madan Mohan (Sirsa)
  11. Gobind Sharma (Sirsa)
  12. Abhishek Gupta (Sirsa)
  13. Santosh Khemka(Sirsa)
  14. Gulab Chand(Sirsa)
  15. Ramesh Chander(Sirsa)
  16. Nikhil Jhunthra(Sirsa)
  17. Pawan Goyal(Sirsa)
  18. Ruli Chand Chaudhary(Sirsa)
  19. Balwant Rai Gupta(Sirsa)
  20. Sanjeev Khemka(Sirsa)
  21. Jai Prakash Singhal(Delhi)
  22. Vinod K.Joshi (Sirsa)
  23. Rajinder Bansal (Sirsa)
  24. Sanjay Goyal (Sirsa)
  25. Lt. Sh. Gopal Swarup Garg (Mathura)
  26. Vikas Singla (Delhi)
  27. Nirmal K. Goyal (Sirsa)
  28. Anjani K.Kanodia (Sirsa)
  29. Surender Narang (Sirsa)
  30. Manish Gote Wale (Sirsa)